The Platform

Gradient X – the most advanced programmatic marketing platform for mobile

The Sky’s the Limit [The Cloud]

Our cloud-based, on-demand infrastructure allows for rapid innovation; incorporating and perfecting emerging technologies and strategies that are essential to advertisers in the evolving mobile environment.

The unrestrained power of the cloud means borderless integration across targeting algorithms, real-time inventory auctions and deeply insightful reporting, adding up to push-button scaling for advertisers.

Big, Smart Data, Designed for Mobile [Data + Audience Intelligence]

Information optimization through data normalization across supply sources means delivering greater insight into audience segmentation, all at the service of campaign performance. Superior audience intelligence means better ROI for advertisers.

The Gradient X mobile advertising analytics capabilities allow for full transparency, leveraging multiple data signals to better inform audience targeting as well as the critical marketing decisions that will optimize mobile ad performance.

Get with the Programmatic [RTB]

Gradient X employs a real-time bidding process specifically tailored to mobile, which enables exchanges and buyers to programmatically sell and bid on mobile ad space. Mobile RTB increases cost efficiencies for both sides of the equation and delivers the means for constant campaign price optimization for advertisers in real-time.

Empirically, Unparalleled [Optimization]

The Gradient X predictive bid and performance optimization algorithms have been developed to provide the most efficient and effective programmatic buying results. Our data scientists take the guesswork out of pricing and inventory selection.

Dashingly Good-Looking and Intelligent Too [Actionable Dashboards]

Analytics are only as powerful as the action that can be taken from their insights. Gradient X has designed powerful dashboards, providing rich analytics that cover high-level views all the way down to the most granular drill-down possible, allowing you to pivot through the data directly from the user interface. Furthermore, action can be taken in each dashboard screen, allowing for both optimization as well as new line item creation, directly within the dashboard.


Gradient X Privacy Policy

Gradient X’s technology powers advertisements that can appear on your mobile phone or other devices connected to the mobile internet in order to make the advertising you see from our clients more relevant and interesting to you and more effective for our clients. In doing so, we are helping to pay for free and other advertising-supported websites and applications, many of which would not be able to operate without the revenues from effective advertising.

We do not collect or use Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as your name, address, phone number, email address in connection with our services. We also do not collect or use sensitive information such as social security numbers, government issued identifiers, insurance or financial account numbers, or precise information about past, present, or future health or medical conditions or treatments in connection with our services.

Gradient X is committed to protecting your privacy and strives to meet or exceed all industry standards and legal requirements for protecting your privacy online.

As we continue to evolve this policy to reflect what is best for you and our clients, we reserve our right to update this policy with or without notice. We encourage you to check back with us to stay informed about how we collect, use, and disclose information.